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Magento Hosting: Why Is It The Best E-Commerce Web Host

Magento Hosting: Why Is It The Best E-Commerce Web Host

Magento hosting

Magento is one of the available website platforms that is an open-source and free. Many online sellers are using this platform for their ecommerce websites. And the main requirement to have the best performing Magento website is to look for the most compatible Magento hosting plan. 

An ideal Magento hosting is the one with a fastest server. There are different types that you can try such as VPS, shared, dedicated, and managed hosting. All of them have features related to scalable website performance and cyber security. And of course, you should not forget that the web host should have SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, as well as CDN.

How to Choose the Best Magento Hosting? 

This is a cool question that has to be answered clearly. A host should offer 1-click Magento installation process together with features on security and SSL. Other aspects should be present like ensuring continuous uptime, fast speed, and technical support. 

Before deciding which host you’re going to choose, you really need to understand well about Magento as an ecommerce platform. Then, you should know the pros and cons. By doing these things, you will be able find the best web hosting for your Magento ecommerce site. Needless to say, you should determine the possible pitfalls that you have to evade so that your website operation won’t be compromised. 

As a popular e-commerce site platform, you need to make sure that the website host is providing easy-to-install plugins, software and tools. As well, you need to make sure that the system is highly flexible. Otherwise, your Magento website won’t be able to serve the intended purpose. The common goal is to have more leads and to have higher conversions. 

Magento Website Is Good for E-Commerce

If you want to sell digital products, this platform is best for you. As well, if you want to create a dropshipping website because you want to sell some of the trending products on the market today, this platform is good to use. Magento is fit to work to help you achieve your goals. Whatever your business type and model, so long as the website is for online selling, Magento tools and software are suitable for you.

The Key Features of Magento

It is an open source platform that is fit for any ecommerce website. Magento has important features that you should know before you’re going to decide which web host plan you’re going to pay. 

  • Magento allows you to show related items on your product pages.
  • You can easily offer promotions and the so-called “cross-promotions”.
  • If you want to have volume discounts and a configured tiered pricing, you can do it.
  • The website can have categorized landing pages.
  • You can offer bundled and packaged products.
  • The user can show the recently and most viewed products to respective customers.
  • New item promotions are easily created with the platform.
  • You can have a number of shipping options that can include free shipping.
  • You can create polls and surveys and can display them in your website. 
  • Managing email newsletters is part of the features provided.
  • You can create a simple checkout process for your customers’ transactions.
  • You can set up a customers’ wishlist.

Magento and Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on the different search engines is an important element of success. So make sure that your website ranks on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your website should be well-optimized so that the products can easily be accessible in the search engine results. Magento offers some SEO-related features that are quite significant. 

  • XML site map
  • Optimized URLs with controlled settings
  • HTML title and metadata
  • Pages for relevant search terms
  • Content API for Google
  • Simplified website management

Furthermore, it can be time-consuming and it requires a complex process to manage the administrative functions of a Magento website. But this platform has these built-in tools:

  • Administration login setting
  • Customizable permissions
  • Customizable themes and templates
  • Currency support tools
  • Web Services API used to integrate third-party plugins and software
  • Import and export of data by batch based on orders, products, and customers
  • Easy-to-use CMS for product and content pages
  • Anti-spam tools like the use of CAPTCHA

Therefore, if you want to make sure that your ecommerce website can be successful, you should try Magento web hosting. For more details, contact NetShop ISP today.

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