UKGC fights for in-play sports betting

UKGC fights for in-play sports betting

UKGC fights for in-play sports betting

The UK Gambling Commission released a paper this week on in-play betting. The paper clarifies that no current regulatory adjustments are necessary as the controls of the current framework are sufficient and do not require further measures.

In-play betting is being banned in some countries, for example in Australia. However, UKGC disagrees that this form of gambling is more risky than others, dismissing claims that in-play betting could be exploitable for cheating, criminal or inappropriate gains.

“We are aware that some countries have taken a more prohibitive approach towards in-play betting, for example, by restricting the markets that are available or the means by which in-play bets can be placed,” said the UKGC. “However, in exercising our functions under the Gambling Act 2005 we are obliged to permit gambling in so far as it is conducted in a manner that is consistent with the licensing objectives.”

The paper explained that additional controls over in-play betting are not needed, however warned that bettors should be aware of their own positions in comparison with other bettors and operators, as well as any information deficit or built-in time delay to the systems the operators are using.

“We do not consider it necessary to prevent some bettors using technology to gain an advantage, for example, from computer software programs or faster online connectivity speeds, provided it is made clear to all bettors that this is possible,” stated the commission.

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