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5 Characteristics of Successful Tech Sta...

5 Characteristics of Successful Tech Startups

5 Characteristics of Successful Tech Startups

Published on Sat Jan 25 2020

There are hundreds of tech startups around the U.S., but only a handful of them will make it. Sometimes success comes with sheer luck—having launched the business at the right time and at the right place. But a lot of times, it is because a lot of thought has been put into starting a business. This includes knowing the right time to launch the business and having exactly the right place to do it.

So what are the things that could make tech startups succeed? Here are some key characteristics:

1. Top-notch technology

There are so many kinds of startups, some easier than others. If you have to choose the technology route, you better have the technology to back it up. Say you want to start an e-commerce business. You have a great concept and you have the right people with you. Unfortunately, you relied too much on your creative idea and the management and not the technology. So you launch your e-commerce site but potential customers have a hard time loading your website because you did not put a lot of stock into it.

Maybe it’s not the process that is the problem, but the security. Again, that is part of what having top-notch technology is about. When you launch a tech startup, make sure you actually internalize the TECHNOLOGY part. Investing in great technology is going to be pricey, but that is what it takes if you want a successful tech startup.

2. Innovative concept

Great technology should be complemented with an innovative concept. With tech startups being launched every now and then, it is important for you to stand out. It’s one of the reasons why tech startups to fall. You can’t just offer what everybody else is already offering. You can’t risk being a copycat considering how large the investment for technology is.

Being innovative entails a lot of research. You have to know what the market is clamoring for and you have to be able to satisfy that clamor. But if there is already a startup supplying the demand, you have to make sure that you offer a better deal—in terms of actual product or service and in terms of price.

3. Proper management and collaboration

There is a different culture when it comes to startup. There is some sort-of camaraderie among all employees. It is different from the corporate culture wherein the top brass doesn’t rub shoulders with rank and file. When it comes to startups, there is almost no delineating line that separates management and employee. They are united in their desire to succeed and the odds are usually against the favor of startups as one survey pointed out that more than half of startups fail after five years.

According to Forbes, startups would do well if it initiates a more collaborative environment with the government.

4. Updated with other tech startups

Entrepreneurs, in general, have to study all the time. They need to be updated with the latest trends, and they have to know how their competitors are doing. This is even truer with tech startups because technology is ever-changing and it is always evolving. The best technology today will easily be phased out in a couple of years. Things are processed so much faster when it is related to technology.

Entrepreneurs and employees of startups should continually inform each other of the latest trends in technology as well as the latest news that could affect the tech business.

5. Passion

There is just a certain drive among startups in general. This could be borne out of that implies that they would not last long. They are already underdogs when they start, so it is imperative that people within a startup company have the passion to succeed no matter the challenges. It seems like a cliché—but usually, things become a cliché because it is true.

Startup people are among the most passionate individuals. They believe in their product and service, but most of all, they enjoy creating their product and service. This will make a lot of difference when it comes to running a business. That passion can do a lot for the success of the company. That passion will allow an entrepreneur to work tirelessly because work doesn’t exactly feel like work when passion is in the mix.

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