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Joomla Hosting: One of the Top Web Hosti...

Joomla Hosting: One of the Top Web Hosting Solutions Today

Joomla Hosting: One of the Top Web Hosting Solutions Today

Published on Sat May 02 2020

Looking for the best website hosting plan is important if you’re a business person. Why? A web host is responsible for making your website available and accessible online. Without a web hosting, your website can’t be accessed on the web. Thus, it is important that you find a website hosting service provider that is reliable, credible, effective, and efficient.

Do you have a registered domain name already? It is not enough that you just registered your domain name. You need a web hosting solution provider to host your website. One of the available solutions today is Joomla hosting. Of course, it works for Joomla-run websites.

Why Use Joomla Hosting?

You have to use Joomla hosting because it has been proven as effective, scalable, flexible, and secure. You just need to find a simplified Joomla configuration and installation system. There can be several important requisites that you have to meet and one of those requisites is to secure a 24/7 technical support. Of course, you will be paying the services being rendered. That’s why you need to make sure that the services offered are ultimately helpful.

Joomla web hosting is an open-source, shared platform that has already been used by millions of website owners worldwide. You can have a domain registration and a free SSL certificate with an ease. There are one-click installation plug-ins and add-ons for Joomla websites. There are also free integrations with third-party tools such as PayPal, Visa, etc. 

You can also have the option to host multiple domains by using only one account. The security is highly enhanced for the purpose of protecting your products. There are also service providers that offer marketing credits for the promotion of your e-commerce website. Plus, there can be an unlimited email system that you can employ to communicate with your respective customers.

You can also look for a business-class hardware with Joomla that can easily be installed for you. The SSDs that serve as a powerful tool can be installed as well to see to it that web store pages can load up so fast. There is an option for you to have 300 apps running on your site. Customizing through drag-and-drop or coding can easily be done through this platform. 

Joomla Requirements

For clarity purposes, there are three requirements that you have to meet if you’re decided to use Joomla. But basically, the first two are the general requirements while the third one is an addendum but is very important. Frankly, you can’t run a business website without a domain name and a web host. These are the first two requisites for your compliance. The third one is the needed software. 

Now let us discuss the entirety of these requirements.

  1. Joomla’s Domain Name

It is the top requisite. Provide a name to your business website. A domain name is the first thing you should conceptualize for your Joomla web project. It’s relevant to the identity of your company and business. The domain name must be optimized; otherwise, your website won’t rank highly on the search engines. You should find a service provider that can offer you a domain name registration plan. Avoid financial burden on this aspect. That is why you have to be clever in choosing the service provider for your domain name registration. 

  1. Joomla Web Hosting

This is the second requirement and it is vital as well. Without it, your website can never be accessed on the World Wide Web. The same with WordPress, you, as a user, can test your website by utilizing a subdomain. But a suggestion by Netshop, one of the top-notch data center service providers operating in Malta, Cyprus and the UK, says that it is imperative to install a software in a self-hosted or separate hosting environment. This is to make sure that your brand identity can boost the online power of your business. 

  1. Powerful Joomla Software

Let’s talk about compatibility. Compatibility is akin to sustainability, which means if two things are compatible from each other, they tend to survive all challenges and trials. The same with Joomla hosting. It is important that it is working with the latest version of the open-source Joomla content management system. 


It’s not easy to find the best web hosting company today. You also have to take note that to run a successful business website, Joomla web hosting is not the only requirement as you also need Joomla domain name and software (CMS).

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