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Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards...

Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards

Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards

NetShop ISP

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Mar 05, 2018 · Archive

Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards have been created as one of the original and most comprehensive awards events organised for the local Gaming industry. Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards [MiGEA] are held annually in Malta and have already been likened to “the Oscars of gaming”. The awards event brings the entire industry together to reward and celebrate the companies and individuals that are constantly working to innovate and improve the standards of the gaming and iGaming industry. The MiGEA philosophy aligns perfectly with major industry key players, regulators, gaming companies and other major participants in this event.

The 2nd edition of the Malta International iGaming Excellence Awards (MiGEA) will reward absolute excellence in the gaming industry and has a crystal clear and transparent vision in giving its over 1000+ interested companies who wish to take part an equal voice, from those playing online poker on their smartphones to those managing luxurious casinos in Malta. Listening carefully to the views of gaming clients and industry professionals, we are able to recognise and celebrate the biggest and best charity event of the year with class. For the 2nd edition, gaming and iGaming companies, casinos, online gaming and other industry players will team up with the organisers and sponsors for the most prestigious and most transparent industry Awards. In a sparkling ceremony being hosted in the majestic and prestigious five star casino ambience and set-up, providers of innovative services and technologies will receive their deserved recognition in no less than 24 categories.

Organised by MBR Publications Limited, together with the Malta Business Review, Malta’s premier business publication, this year will also see the inclusion of Sunday Trends, Malta’s trendiest lifestyle and fashion magazine, as well as the support of the Malta Business Weekly and The Malta Independent on Sunday, making this event the most PR savvy and widely locally covered popular gaming wards. Last year, MBR Publications Ltd set a benchmark and pioneered the first-ever live-streaming of such awards. The company organises this event on its own merit and without any financial aid which is supplied by local gaming authorities to third parties who manage other award events.

This year the organisers are delighted to welcome leading European betting and gaming providers, and they wish to thank all the sponsors and nominees who are participating in this prestigious. The MiGEA organisers are well known for their genuine hard work, great dedication and commitment to support and observes strict guidelines, and provide clear legal regulation standards for such elite awards in the interests of its partners, customers and sponsors. It is an outstanding industry example how Gaming companies and their exceptional role model employees should be duly recognised.

“I would like to formally invite you to consider participating and supporting this event, either as a nominee entrant or as a sponsor. Your company will receive recognition through a host of value added benefits, which are listed on our brochure and which we guarantee 100%. We will include your company’s name and logo on the background banner for the award’s ceremony, on the award certificates and trophies, on the background screen and branding/advertising material during all our marketing campaign spanning over four months, including posters, and will mention your support in the opening and closing announcements, video advertising, branding and other PR related media campaigns. The local TV networks have all been invited and we hope they will attend as various media houses, all of who have an online presence where sponsor and nominee companies will be highlighted. Moreover, your logo will officially appear on all brochure, souvenir programme, tent cards, and other branding material. Furthermore, one table of eight guests each will be also provided complimentary for officials sponsors and their guests, including VIP treatment, personal silver service and champagne being served on the final gala evening. Participating company officials will also be included in the most inter-active award ceremony to hand out major award/s to the winners,” told us a smiling Margaret Brincat, Sales Director and Managing Partner of MBR Publications Ltd, who is solely responsible for all sales of this event.

“For us it was a logical next step to tie our brand and decide to organise such high profile awards. Despite all the difficulties, we have come up with a comprehensive programme, which is widely recognised as the most transparent one when it comes to assess the best of the best in our industry. We have transparent judging and scoring card system, which can be viewed also by outsiders. We are extremely pleased to welcome you and invite you as patrons and members of the elite group of contributors for the second anniversary edition of this great event. We shall be also inviting ministers from the Government responsible for this sector, as well as those from the Opposition side, including MGA officials, who will also be given the opportunity to address the distinguished guests. At this stage, we are also awaiting the MGA’s confirmation of their presence and support, as we have been knocking on their door. We expect to be treated equally and give n the same level playing ground as other companies are given by such authority, and we do not beg for this but deem it as an important equal right and fair treatment should be muted to everyone. We shall address the press during a Press Conference about this event,” explained Ms. Brincat obo of the company.

Ms Brincat continued, “We have been overwhelmed with interest from sponsors, judges and most importantly nominations. Thanks to the support of all these companies, we will be able to ensure the success of this major event. We hope that those who stand for great competition and also want to help in fund raising for a good cause will also join and enjoy the collateral benefits which we are giving out.”

MiGEA offers the perfect stage for employees and companies within the industry to start receiving due recognition for the achievements that they have attained during the course of their careers and an unforgettable reward for their accomplishments.

The awards are being accredited and recognised by the International Gaming Awards and EU Networking Enterprise. Even the sponsors are given important interactive functions close to the company’s stakeholders and the message coming through loud and clear was their desire for a prestigious awards programme that is for the industry, by the industry, and in conjunction with all gaming partners, nominees and sponsors. MiGEA for the 2nd year running, is providing an ideal way to continue launching what is the most comprehensive, transparent and international gaming awards in Malta bringing all key industry players under one umbrella.

The company has issued a detailed brochure with relevant information and sponsor packages is being included for anyone wishing to participate.

For any further information or clarification you may need please contact Ms. Margaret Brincat; / M: 9940 6743 / 9926 0162

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