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Online Casino Trends in 2021 and the gro...

Online Casino Trends in 2021 and the growth of Online Gambling during COVID19 era

Online Casino Trends in 2021 and the growth of Online Gambling during COVID19 era

Published on January 20, 2021

A new year – the 2021 – has just begun and with Covid19 still active all over the world, there are many questions that the companies that own online casinos are asking themselves to identify new fashions and trends useful to meet the needs of their many users.

The online casino market, unlike other types of business, has not been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many players have turned to online gambling after the closure of land-based gaming shops imposed by the various national lock downs.

So the online gaming market, following this serious health emergency, has also managed to obtain a huge advantage by recording incredible peaks in revenue.

What are the casino trends to follow in 2021?

In this 2021, all online casinos, even the largest and most important, are preparing for big changes to satisfy the appetite of the most advanced and demanding players.

The iGaming environment is constantly evolving; this phenomenon has always been evident but we have never witnessed a sector growth like the one experienced in the last months of 2020.

Social distances and new rules relating to participation in sporting events have prompted players to think less about classic sports betting, allocating the hours of their free time to slots and games in online casinos.

Read the related article from an interview of NetShop ISP’s CEO to Gambling Insider regarding the future of the iGaming industry:

This new trend has forced operators to reinvent themselves to guarantee continued customer satisfaction and safety and positive turnover.

Here are the four new trends to take into consideration to understand if an online casino is up with the times:

1 – Mobile orientation of gambling websites

Although net gambling revenue has increased in recent years thanks to the introduction of online gaming, statistics show that in the last few months alone, the popularity of mobile gaming apps has grown.

This is a data that shows how the habits of the players have changed due to the effects of the pandemic; many of us have bought the latest generation cell phones to make video calls or use useful functions to maintain contact with friends and relatives during the lockdown.

This radically changed the concept that we had of “mobile”!

Gaming operators could not help but take this aspect into consideration and in this 2021 most companies have proposed cutting-edge apps that can be downloaded directly from casino websites.

2 – Social presence and “Play for Fun” games

The social networks phenomenon is a real attraction for millions and millions of users belonging to different age groups.

An immense pool that in the middle of the pandemic has dramatically increased consensus and participations, widening its range of action even further.

A new challenge, therefore, involved the gaming companies, more than ever determined to conquer the audience of these portals.

2021 already sees several suppliers engaged in interesting offers available on social networks and it is just the beginning! In particular, many “Play for Fun” websites have been created, managed by casino houses but with free games for members where, however, it is not possible to win real money.

This solution offers the possibility to play without spending money but at the same time allows players to test some products.

In this way it is possible to retain new users and increase revenue for suppliers.

A real and new frontier that allows us to really understand which company has greater openness to the modern and which has the most games.

3 – New systems for payments and withdrawals: Blockchain and Crypto

Keeping up with the times does not just mean making technologies and new products available to its users.

Following the trends means proposing solutions that are little used but destined to become more and more part of the everyday life of all of us like cryptocurrencies.

We have only started to caress this new reality a few years ago, but with the pandemic more and more people have begun to understand its concepts and mechanisms, starting to invest in this.

In online casinos, this payment solution has been around for a while, despite its slow start. In recent months, however, it has had a huge growth spurt and therefore from these data it is easy to deduce that it will be a discourse destined to explode more and more.

Cryptocurrencies have become popular thanks to instant deposits and payments, while there are several rules regarding blockchain payments. The cryptocurrency will continue to grow and become one of the biggest online casino trends in 2021.

4 – Augmented and virtual reality

You might be surprised to hear this, but AR and VR are already available in the lounges of some online casinos.

AR is becoming so advanced that it is possible to “walk” into the digital casino, looking at other players’ avatars and greatly increase the gaming experience.

Reality mix will become a new direction for casino development in 2021. We believe it will soon become popular but at the moment the main problem is that most players may not be able to afford the hardware needed to run the software.

To conclude, it is worth saying that the new year will not only be focused on innovation, in fact there will be more attention to the promotion and action of responsible gaming programs!

This is not a new point but in 2021 online casinos will pay even more attention to the rules and programs for responsible gaming.

New processes will be introduced whereby casino promoters have to warn people about the dangers of gambling and likely no more users are fished out of the exemption register.


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