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5 Reasons Small Business Should Invest in Web Hosting

5 Reasons Small Business Should Invest in Web Hosting

Web hosting

Should a small business invest in web hosting services? Yes, yes, yes! That’s a resounding yes. Small businesses are always wary about spending their capital on things that they don’t deem urgent. The reason why a website doesn’t seem urgent is because the return of investment is not immediate. Call it delayed gratification of sorts. It is unlike a business space—you need a space to display your products or conduct your service in order to earn a profit. The same goes for the receipt—businesses need to have official receipts made in order to stamp legitimacy to the business. These are things you need immediately.

On the side of the website, those who go to a business’s website don’t necessarily buy the product or service in that instant. In other words, a business can operate without a website. That is why a website doesn’t seem urgent. However, we are living in the modern digital age when a website is no longer just an add-on to the business but an essential part of it. 

Now that is why every business should invest on a good web hosting service. Having a website, more often than not, is intrinsically linked to employing a web host. Here are five reasons why you should invest in web hosting—the good kind of web hosting. 

  1. Web hosting provides security

You never leave your store or office without locking your doors for fear of thieves carting away with your products and business supplies. The web works basically the same way. You can’t just leave your online data unprotected. A web host—a good one—will ensure your website’s security. The best web hosts have firewalls and other data protection measures. Actually, these are also things that you can install on your own website. But since you are already paying a web host, you might as well take advantage of all the services they offer. 

Even large companies are not immune to hacking like what happened to Web.com last August, according to this report from TechRadar

  1. Large storage capacity

Web hosts have data centers that can keep all your online information. Eventually, the information that your business accumulates over the months of operations cannot be accommodated by your own server. This is why you need to outsource the storage of your information. Such service is part of web hosting. 

Everything is also more organized when information is in the Cloud rather than on your computer in different folders. There will always be a chance that you will forget which folder you stored what file. Recovery may take time. 

  1. Technical support

Web hosts have their own technical support team. They are mostly there in case there are web hosting-related problems. But when you do experience web-related problems that you caused yourself, you can always count on the technical support team to extend its services to its clients. 

If you try to solve web problems on your own, it may take time—unless of course you are a tech wiz. But if you have a technical support team that you could rely on, chances are your technical difficulty could be solved within minutes. Time is of the essence when you are running a business. Time spent figuring out a technical problem is better spent on running the business. 

  1. Uptime guarantee

Web hosts guarantee that your website will be online 99.99% of the time. It is very important that you are online or that your website is functional 24 hours a day because individuals don’t have a specific time when they will check out your website. 

This uptime guarantee is even more important if your business is website-based. If business deals happen on your website, then you really don’t have any business being offline. In other words, web hosts don’t just guarantee that you are online all the time, they also guarantee that you won’t experience any loss of sales. 

  1. Boost of SEO rankings

This is not something most people know but a site’s loading process is directly linked to a website’s search engine rankings. One of the roles of web hosts is to ensure speed in website activities. A website that loads slowly will mean poor user experience and low SEO rankings from Google. 

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