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Offshore Hosting: Focus on Controversial Website Content

Offshore Hosting: Focus on Controversial Website Content

Offshore hosting

Laws are made to limit hideous acts and treacherous human behavior. Countless number of laws are applied universally, but there are also legalities that are made in a particular country. Legal issues have become a problem in creating a business, building up a career, and other related stuff as well. Little do people know, these legal issues are also implemented in a cyber world. Several websites have been banned in a country due to its illegal or prohibited contents. However, some of these websites are still running in other countries where their contents are not forbidden.

Some people are exposed to the term Offshore Hosting. It is basically using a server that is not from your home country and hosting your website on it. It is storing all your website related data on a server in an offshore location.

Offshore website hosting is often considered as one of the reasons why there are explicit and illegal websites on the Internet. Moreover, offshore web hosting is not only limited to host and run an illegal web content.

Why People Choose Offshore Hosting?

A lot of reasons to be considered. There are web developers hosting offshore. Generally, the reasons may vary from person to person. A low-cost hosting is one of the reasons why an offshore web hosting is evident. Several developed countries are outsourcing their hosting needs to a less developed country because it can be less expensive for them. On the other hand, a less developed country is hosting offshore hoping that they can get enhancement on features, an improvement on services and security, and practically, speeding up websites.

But most of the common reasons why developers are still outsourcing offshore is that their content is illegitimate or outlawed in their own country. Adult content, gambling sites, hacking websites, political stuff, and copyright and violent content are just few amongst those banned controversial websites. Nevertheless, other countries are still open on such content that they allow those websites to be operational in their location.

An example of this is a website for gambling like Poker or Casino. There are states, nations and countries that have banned these gambling activities. But because of Internet revolution, a business person can easily develop a gambling website that allows those activities and let people indulge with those gambling activities.

Running prohibited contents on the Internet through an offshore web host has numerous benefits. The most popular benefit is the idea of anonymity. Your website can stand as an anonymous ant it serves as your identity protection. In this way, you can avoid identity theft. 

Those websites run by this can also obtain their own privacy and confidentiality against powerful government entities. In a sense, an offshore-run website can have be safe in terms of content sharing.

Another benefit is reliability. An offshore web hosting provider can have a safe area wherein a reliable backup is present. A provider has just to ensure that the location of the hosting server is not vulnerable to natural disasters like landslides, earthquake, floods and other forms of natural catastrophes that can possibly lead to data destruction and loss. So, if you’re going to have a website host with an offshore capacity, choose the one whose location is generally safe for your website data and content.

Types of Offshore Hosting Packages

Like any other services, there are types of offshore web hosting packages you can avail of. These are as follows:

  • Shared server – It allows multiple users that are sharing the same resources. This is the cheapest type and most economical one in offshore hosting.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – This type provides you more resources because it virtualizes a dedicated server to split the resources into several users within a shared hosting environment.
  • Dedicated server –It is more expensive than a VPS because a client would rent the entire server without sharing it with anyone. Henceforth, the client will have a full access over the server.

As a bottom line, choosing an offshore website hosting to escape from legal issues in a particular country is just one side of the coin. There are other practical reasons such as cost-efficiency, content enhancement without limitation, and security.

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