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Why Business Need Web Hosting...

Why Business Need Web Hosting

Why Business Need Web Hosting

Published on Sat Feb 01 2020

These days, every business must have a website. Thus, it is important to find the right and perfect website hosting for your business website. It is an important thing to note that having the right website hosting package is not that easy to do. There are a lot of options to be found on the web but with careful analysis and evaluation, you can have web hosting that suits your needs.

Many people think that registering a domain name is the only requirement when it comes to running a website on the Internet. But it is a wrong notion. To get your site active, you need a host. Your domain name is useless without a hosting plan. That is why a web hosting account is vital for your business. One general function of hosting is to make your website accessible on the World Wide Web. 

Web Hosting and SSL Certificate

Web hosting runs your website and without it, your e-commerce site cannot be accessed online. This is how important to pay for a hosting package that will host your website for months and years.  More about web hosting read here.

Furthermore, in today’s digitization of almost all businesses, every website must also have an SSL certificate. This certificate is not always included in all web hosting packages. Thus, you need to ask the host if they are including this one or not.

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It is a standardized technology that helps in the establishment of an encrypted connection between a web browser (the client) and a web server (the web host). SSL certificate connects the two and their connection is very important for the data and information inside the site to stay intrinsic and private. 

Millions of websites nowadays are using SSL. Why? For the reason that it simply protects all online transactions between and among the clients and the respective customers. An indication that a website has an SSL certificate is when you encounter a site that uses https://, not http://. With https://, it means the connection is safe and secure. Remember that running e-commerce is a crucial thing to do. That’s why you need to have encryption for all the transaction data. This way, your customers’ trust is built. 

Is the SSL certificate expensive? You are fortunate because it is not necessarily expensive. It is affordable. In fact, there are web hosts that offer free SSL certificates to their clients. The free versions are just fine for the standard professional sites.

Business Success Is Dependent on Website Success

There is a direct correlation between the success of your website and the growth of your business. If your website succeeds, your business success tends to follow. In other words, if your website fails, then your business operation may fail, too.

Reliability is key here. Your website should be reliable and credible. That is why you need to secure all your customers’ transactions through an SSL certificate. Additionally, you can choose a dedicated hosting plan or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to make sure that your business succeeds. The only drawback is that a dedicated hosting plan or a VPS is a little bit expensive. But if you’re really eager to make your business profitable, the cost that corresponds to the surety of your website does not matter.

Compared to having a website that is run on shared servers, a dedicated server can make your website more credible. In terms of uptimes, your website is really good. There can be downtimes but they are very minimal. Because the server is yours only and there are no other users that share with a particular server. 

To further ensure that your business succeeds, you also have to secure your website through an automated backup system. An automated website backup can have these features:

  • Automatically backs your website databases and emails 
  • Have restore points for easy recovery
  • Helps avoid downtimes from misplaced or lost files

It is assured that with a backup, the tendency for your website to lose your customers’ transaction data during downtimes can be avoided. It is an important process to establish your website credibility. By doing so, your website can be trusted and it can have a domino effect for your business.

You can talk with our representatives about web hosting, SSL certificate, and automated website backup. Our company operates in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles (US West), Cyprus, and Malta.

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