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[SBC News] A step beyond: How NetShop ISP can ‘outrun’ the hosting services competition

[SBC News] A step beyond: How NetShop ISP can ‘outrun’ the hosting services competition

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The following article has been originally published in SBC News network ( )

Data center and web hosting services provider NetShop ISP can only “outrun” the immense competition for clients – including those active in the iGaming industry – by taking the next step beyond the end-product’s delivery.

“Not only do we need to be ahead of the technology trends to support our customers, but we also have to compete on a daily basis with giant hosting companies like Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud,” said NetShop ISP CEO Stefano Sordini in an interview for Issue 11 of SBC Magazine (Page 48-51).

To download or read the magazine online, click HERE.

Expanding on his company’s point of difference compared with such “giant” companies, Sordini said: “We can not only survive but stay ahead of this competition by focusing on the customer’s real needs. The final deliverable to a business is a hosting environment for their website, database and application to run. 

“Let’s call this deliverable ‘the product’. At NetShop ISP, we understand that anyone, including hosting freelancers and amateurs, can quickly set up a hosting company and provide ‘the product’ to customers. Yet this is not the way we manage to outrun the competition. A customer who operates in the so-demanding and dynamic online gaming industry requires more than ‘the product’. 

“Nowadays, an iGaming business starts operations with a handful of people in the team who may not necessarily carry any technical expertise. Their needs go far beyond having a server to run their software. They demand pre-sales technical consulting in regards to the requirements of the jurisdiction they are applying to. The client will also require competitive pricing having gathered prices from all the hosting companies out there. 

“Moreover, the hosting provider must be able to assist the client during the installation or migration of the client’s application/data and, of course, have the capacity and expertise to offer ongoing managed services and 24/7 technical support. 

“Our 10+ years of involvement in the iGaming industry has given us vital know-how to support our customers on any aspect of their infrastructure and technology needs. Simply said, we beat the competition by being able to take a client’s project to the next step beyond the end-product’s delivery.”

For more from Sordini about NetShop ISP’s web hosting services, as well as its new data centers in Netherlands (pictured), Singapore and Hong Kong, please click HERE.

You will also find details of the company’s Work@Home bundle helping to relieve businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 and are in the process of shifting to home working.

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