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Leap Ahead, Say “Hello” To Cloud Hosting...

Leap Ahead, Say “Hello” To Cloud Hosting

Leap Ahead, Say “Hello” To Cloud Hosting

Published on Fri Dec 20 2019

The world has immensely changed since the evolution of modern technologies. Surely, such evolution has contributed a big impact in improving one’s life given the fact that present-day technologies are really convenient and efficient. Due to timely innovation, a bundle of burden is being lifted through having better service.

In a virtual world, the Internet plays a vital role in gathering information for research, inquiry, business, academics and other related stuff. Its sole purpose is to provide people with a “network of networks” that would somehow help them access interconnected computers where essential data and information can be found. It is virtually done without using remote resources such as disks, printers, etc.

Then, here comes the discovery of cloud hosting. Some people say that a cloud is a term defined similarly to the Internet. However, others say that it is a network of remote servers hosting the Internet in managing, retrieving, saving and backing up of data in a digital space.

More Facts about Cloud Hosting

Instead of using numerous hard disks, all of your stuff can be stored in a cloud. This is simply known as cloud storage. It is a service model used as an online data storage that allows users to upload data and programs from different servers. It as well makes those data and programs accessible virtually.

To simplify, it records information on the Internet instead of passing through the network of different computers. Once you are using the cloud for storage purposes, it is assumed that data and information are secure. It means that whether you save, upload or store data in the cloud, searching for information or simply checking out what you can get from there is a segment of cloud hosting.

Any website on the Internet is a stakeholder of cloud hosting.  A website has a server that hosts the cloud so that their supporting files will be available on the Internet for use by others.

When you also use social media, it means you have many activities like logging in and uploading content. The content uploaded includes some personal information, pictures, videos, music and even applications that are saved on the respective servers.

There are also cloud hosting tools and media such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire and iCloud. They are being used today in storing significant files. The files saved in there can also be edited anytime.

Why Cloud-Based Hosting Is Good?

Many of us are facing problems with the limitation of storage capacity. The use of disk drives, flash drives, SD cards, and the like is already considered as an old-fashioned way. Most people today have shifted to a cloud storage system. For example, you can save your important files in your Google Drive account instead of saving it in a physical flash drive. The risk of putting files on a hard drive is that it can potentially be stolen.

Meanwhile, there are tons of cloud storage across the Internet right now especially that many companies in this industry are competing with one another in giving their best to the clients. By this phenomenon, you can have access to the cloud-stored data, like songs and images, anywhere and anytime you want. Once your internet connection is set and running, you can download anything from the clouds.

Cloud storage that is based on cloud hosting is easy, cost-efficient, convenient and safe. These are some of the reasons why people these days prefer this way than going through the old-fashioned style of saving files on the physical channels, like a hard disk.

2 Considerable Limitations of Cloud-Based Hosting

If you think that only positive things are in line with storing the files on the clouds, it’s a wrong notion. There are also limitations to this process.

Internet dependency is on top of the list. Of course, you can’t cloud host if there’s no Internet connection.

There is a possibility that you can lose control of the data you save through the clouds. Cloud hosts have a separate system that is under their own control. Try to imagine if Google would stop operating. All your files saved on Google Drive would be lost.

But then again, clouding hosting is an essential part of life today. With it, our computer-dependent existence has become greater than ever before.

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