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Offshore Hosting: Why Choose It?...

Offshore Hosting: Why Choose It?

Offshore Hosting: Why Choose It?

NetShop ISP

NetShop ISP · Blog Author

Mar 30, 2020 · Archive

Running a website requires web hosting. One of the available web hosting options today is offshore hosting, which is related to niche hosting. It works like the traditional type of hosting a site. However, to make a difference, there is a tweak and twist with this type of website hosting. 

The mentioned tweak and twist of offshore web hosting is focused on the idea that the server is located in a data center that is really distant from your own location. Coined from the word, “offshore”, which means the provider of hosting services is situated abroad. 

There can be several reasons why people choose offshore hosting. Generally speaking, website owners want offshore-based website hosting due to DMCA content, copyrighted content, and adult content. Furthermore, those websites that are focused on hacking are also opting this type of website hosting. Of course, if you don’t want your website to be stopped by state regulators and you want untraceable website transactions, you have to choose this kind of website hosting. Otherwise, you will face possible drawbacks. 

Important Points of Offshore Hosting that You Have to Know

There are vital points about this hosting option that you have to know and understand. 

  1. The website server is in a far-flung location.

This is one of the definite key points of offshore website hosting – the server is not in the same country but is rather located in another country. So, typically, it is an offshore hosting once you can find a website that has a foreign-based web host. What differs is the purpose and reason why a website owner chooses a foreign website hosting. 

  1. There is no DMCA compliance.

DMCA is known as Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is existent in the US. Despite the fact that it is a law that governs the US regions and localities, some of foreign based websites are still complying with this law, respectively. 

This law is severe due to the fact that it requires non-US website owners to still comply with this regulation. Thus, hosting a website content should be in accord with the law. Once you won’t comply with this regulation, you can still be sanctioned legally even if you live outside the US territory. 

The best to avoid DMCA is to find a web host that does not necessarily comply with the law. This is where offshore hosting comes into place. It is not compliant with DMCA so you can publish content that is copyrighted including any materials that are supposedly by context against the copyright law.

  1. But… Remember that Offshore Web Hosting Does Not Allow Everything.

Maybe you will think that there is no limit with offshore hosting. Meaning, you can publish any content that you want because it is not compliant with DMCA regulation and other relevant laws. But it is not true. Not everything can be published through an offshore web host. 

Choose the Right Offshore Web Host

This is the bottom line. You can only succeed once you choose a perfect match. What does it mean? Choosing the right offshore web host is crucial. You have to keep this in your mind that the web hosting type you have to opt largely depends on the web application and tools you want to have. And there are as well specific requirements that you need to meet. 

As mentioned above, offshoring is akin to traditional web hosting. There are factors that you need to consider. Such factors include but are not limited to bandwidth capacity, storage space, and website traffic. 

The Best Choice for Startups

Any startups can depend on the so-called “Offshore Shared Hosting.” It is cheaper than a web host that lets you use a dedicated server. The good thing with a shared hosting is that you can upgrade anytime to more advanced choices like Offshore Dedicated Hosting and Offshore VPS.

An offshore shared hosting is a cost-efficient service that caters to multiple website users. A server is being shared and this is the essence of shared hosting. There can be limitations like lacking storage capacity or disk space for website content. But then again, it’s a good start for newbies or startups.

A more expensive choice can either be an offshore dedicated hosting or an offshore VPS. With either choices, you can have a larger disk space, among other things. 

If you have questions, you can ask Netshop. It is a Data Center Service Provider that operates in Cyprus, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

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