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Stefano Sordini CEO’s Interview at Game ...

Stefano Sordini CEO’s Interview at Game Changers Magazine

Stefano Sordini CEO’s Interview at Game Changers Magazine

NetShop ISP

NetShop ISP · Blog Author

Jul 19, 2021 · Interviews

Game Changers is an online news publication centred around the big names in the Finance industry who are considered to be Game Changers in the industry.

The Game Changers Magazine Issue 34 has been published and features an exclusive interview with NetShop ISP’s CEO, Stefano Sordini, who reveals for the first time the way NetShop ISP started back in 2004.

Game Changers (GC): We first met almost ten years ago when we both worked at the same brokerage, can you give the readers an outline of your background?

Stefano Sordini (SS): Of course. First of all, I would like to thank you Paul, and the rest of your team, for giving me the opportunity to properly introduce myself through Game Changers Magazine. I like to call myself ‘a server geek
with a business mindset.’ My first interaction with computers was in 1998 when I got my first computer as a Christmas present. I was immediately drawn to the magic world of mIRC where I started programming scripts for fun. Long story short, by 2001 I was earning my pocket money through scripts programming and reselling web hosting plans.

In 2004 I began my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). That same year, July 2004, I launched a website under the domain netshop-isp.com, where I advertised my website hosting services. In my spare time, I was reading tons of books about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which helped me get netshopisp.com ranking high in Google and Yahoo’s search engines.

In time, the handful of websites that I was hosting grew to 50, then 100 and by the time I completed my Master’s Degree in Surrey, United Kingdom, I was responsible for the hosting & on-going server administration of more than 300 websites.
In the years that followed, NetShop ISP was active but still a side business for me. I employed a couple
of people who were responsible for handling customer requests during the day, which allowed me to maintain a full-time job as a Systems Engineer at a reputable Forex broker. A great part of my salary was invested into NetShop ISP’s expansion as we were attracting the attention of a lot more businesses, thanks to the high ranking of our website in search engines.

Through all of the hours that I invested during my academic years and later on while maintaining two jobs, I gained expertise which I doubt I would have otherwise.

GC: Why did you go from the safety of a full time role to begin NetShop ISP?

SS: I never thought that my full time job was my safety net. I was fully dedicated and passionate about both my full time role as a Systems Engineer, as well as my “night shifts” at NetShop ISP. The decision to fully dedicate my time to NetShop ISP was made at a time when the volume of work grew significantly and I realized I was sacrificing more than just my time. It’s important for everyone to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This decision, I thought, will allow me to grow NetShop ISP even more without sacrificing my quality of life.

GC: So what is NetShop ISP?

SS: NetShop ISP is an enterprise hosting company, providing IT infrastructure solutions to businesses. Our
global infrastructure expanded from presence in just one data center in the United Kingdom in 2004, to 15 data centers worldwide by 2020. Through our privately-owned infrastructure we provide cloud hosting, bare-metal servers, colocation and IT managed services to a large portfolio of customers, mainly in the iGaming, Forex and FinTech industries.

GC: Why does my business need it?

SS: Nowadays, every business needs to maintain some sort of infrastructure on the web. That can range from a small hosting space for a website or rack space in a data center for servers and network equipment, up to a large infrastructure for hosting complex web applications. This is what we do – we help businesses launch any size or type of software on the Internet, and deliver a reliable infrastructure to allow them to scale effortlessly as their business grows.

GC: What separates you from the other providers?

SS: Thank you for this question Paul. It’s one that I get to respond to almost on a daily basis. If the question is posed ‘Why get hosted at NetShop ISP and not choose one of the “big guys” on the market, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS?”. The answer is simple; most businesses choose to host their software on public cloud during the early stages of their new venture. As soon as they realize that they need a trusted infrastructure partner to help them grow and listen to their bespoke needs, or even regulatory requirements, they turn to us for help.

We, at NetShop ISP, have more than a decade expertise in delivering and maintaining complex infrastructure solutions for online casinos, Forex Brokers and Fintech firms, including Fortune 500 businesses. Our in-depth
knowledge, along with the customer-oriented service we offer, cannot be compared to what you would get from any other competitor of ours.

GC: How often should you be reviewing your current service provider?

SS: Competition in our industry is quite tough and today’s customers demand service on their own terms. In my personal opinion, customers should be reviewing their service providers and technology partners frequently.
Nowadays, consumers are far more technologically literate than they were 10 years ago, and so they demand
a top-notch service from their providers; whether that is the ISP providing internet & telephony at their home,
or their business’ technology suppliers. Keeping your providers on their toes, will definitely help your business
receive a high quality service at all times.

GC: Which sector does most of your clients come from?

SS: The majority of our clientele are Forex brokers, iGaming operators and Software Development firms. Due to the niche locations of our data centers (like Cyprus, Singapore, Malta and Hong Kong), we also serve organizations in the oil & gas industry that seek IT & hosting services off the cloud.

GC: Is it just a service for local companies?

SS: No, not just for local companies. As we speak, today, we provide infrastructure and hosting services through
data centers in Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, United States, Singapore and Hong Kong.
We have international customers who host their servers in multiple data center locations of ours, for example they
choose the United Kingdom for their primary infrastructure and the Netherlands for disaster recovery.

GC: How can readers contact you?

SS: You can connect with me on LinkedIn or Skype (netshopisp). All of our services, additional contact numbers and e-mail addresses can be found on our website https://netshop-isp.com.cy.

Original Source: https://issuu.com/paulgc/docs/game_changers_34/4

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