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Understanding Why Cyber Security Is Impo...

Understanding Why Cyber Security Is Important

Understanding Why Cyber Security Is Important

Published on Wed Mar 18 2020

The importance of cyber security is a high priority these days. Before, it was a thing mainly for those tech-related guys. But today, it’s a concern of everyone on this planet. Business people and different individuals have to take this IT aspect seriously. In the past, you would just think that by just establishing a computer firewall, your personal data and information are totally safe. But today cyber criminals are doing tactics to penetrate your computer-stored data. That is why it is a must to upgrade the cyber security approaches in order to avoid problems associated with cyber-attacks.

Understanding the Significance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is something that all of us must pay attention to. Everyone must be aware that data breaches and hacks are affecting business organizations and individuals in this world. Regardless of the size of any business, the cyber-criminals are making ways to wreak damage to the reputation and integrity of companies. Therefore, if you think that it is not that important, you have to think it twice. Presently, it is like a basic commodity that you can’t live without. 

Everything that depends on the Internet can be attributed to the importance of digital security. Communications and sharing of information must be protected through effective cyber measures. The following aspects can be affected if you’re not paying attention to the need to solidify your cyber-security approaches: 

  • Emails, text messages, phone calls and other communication systems
  • Traffic control, airplane navigation, car engines and other transportation systems
  • Banking institutions and other financial systems
  • Corporate data and information and other private sensitive files
  • Social security numbers, tax records, licenses and permits and other government data
  • Medical records, equipment and other related sensitive matters
  • Educational systems that include report cards, research data, and students’ grades

These are just a few of those things that can be affected if cyber security is not given an utmost importance. There are more important things you have to know.

Vital Principles of Cyber Security

For you to be able to understand how to shield your cyber-related information, you need to know the three principles. 

  1. Confidentiality

It involves any information that is highly sensitive. There are classified files in a particular database. Or, the files shouldn’t be made public. Furthermore, there are data that can only be shared to a limited number of people. Channeling those prohibited files is a legal offense. But the cyber-criminals are challenging the legal framework that governs confidential matters. An example of this is when your credit card information was stolen by a hacker. When your credit card is used to purchase online without your permission, then it characterizes a confidentiality problem.

  1. Integrity

This aspect is about keeping any file in its intact form. There must be no transmission of files and data without your authorization. If your personal data are registered in a particular business system, like a bank, the employees of that bank should not reveal your information to others. It is so because the bank employees are mandated to observe and maintain the business integrity of such banking institution.

  1. Availability

This cyber security principle is observed by making sure that anybody can access those information that is allowed to be accessed. It is akin to the principle about integrity, too. When you ask for example a bank statement under your name, the bank issuer should issue it because that file should be made available to you being one of their customers. Otherwise, that banking institution is breaking the legal mandate relevant to it.

Cyber Criminals Are Everywhere

The use of technology every single day is part of our lives at present. But there is danger that is attached to the use of those technological products, like computers and smartphones. Hackers are proliferating each day. Their number is increasing exponentially. And somehow they are rewarded by getting some of your sensitive information. That is why it is important to understand cyber security and its essence to our society today. 

Because of the fact that cyber criminals are everywhere, each one of us must see to it that we are aware of their negative impacts not only to the businesses but also to our private lives. Cyber security is therefore is major concern that each one of us must be involved.

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