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What Are The Top Cyber Security Threats ...

What Are The Top Cyber Security Threats In 2020?

What Are The Top Cyber Security Threats In 2020?

Published on Mon Feb 03 2020

Data-related services should be smooth and uncrippled; otherwise, they can cause major business losses costing millions of dollars. Knowing the top cyber security threats, therefore, is very important. It can help the different business industries understand the essence of cyber protection. Hackers and other cybercriminals are everywhere. They attack the vulnerable points of every business organization’s computer network and infrastructure. 

Protecting the computer data processing system is a wakeup call for everyone. Each one of us must be aware that if a particular private or public computer network is penetrated illegally, it can lead to a major disaster. So it is important that cyber security is given an utmost attention. It must be one of the biggest priorities among various business communities.

Cyber Security Threats in General Sense

Below are the general computer-related and web-based threats that can affect your business this year. 

  • Social Engineering and Phishing
  • IoT Susceptibility
  • Ransomware
  • Cloud Vulnerabilities
  • Internal System Attacks
  • Data Rights Compliance

To make things clearer, it is imperative to contextualize the mentioned threats. Subsequently, you can find the relevant details of each of the cited risks above.

Social Engineering and Phishing

The use of email and social media networks can be risky. The presence of social engineering strategies has been effective for some hackers. They will conceptualize and apply ways like giving an email as a bait. 

The traditional phishing methods were usually done by getting sensitive data and information, like your financial information and passwords. Until today, this methodology remains effective. The usual target of the phishing activities are the non-profit entities. Why? They don’t have stringent safety measures that can control this cybercriminal activity. 

Internet of Things

As IoT devices continue to replicate their number nowadays, the corresponding risks are also increasing. You can imagine that almost everything is connected digitally, technologically. From the surveillance cameras to robot-ruin voice assistants to gadgets used for logistics, they are connected to one another. And as observed for a few years, their adoption has caused security standardization issues.

The lawmaking entities in different countries where IoTs are revolutionized are crafting policies and guidelines for the purpose of trying to mitigate the related negative impacts. There are cybersecurity measures that have served as bases for legislation. But such developmental activities by the lawmakers still fall short in mitigating the threats.


What is ransomware? It is basically an encrypting malware that targets sensitive data. The possessor of the sensitive data when attacked has to pay a certain amount to resolve the threat. It remains a major cyber security threat that people and business organizations have to avoid.

The perpetrators usually may demand large amount of money. The victims are likely to pay considering that they don’t want their sensitive information to be used dishonestly by the perpetrators. 

Cloud Vulnerabilities

The use of cloud computing has posed some risks to business entities. Despite the consideration that cloud data hosting is more secure, the probability that there can be some risks to surface remains considerable. That is why if you’re a business owner, you should see to it that the cloud computing service provider does have the necessary measures to mitigate cyber security problems. 

Internal Vulnerabilities

It is a vital thing that you must know. Some of the dreadful cyber-related problems usually emanate from the internal system. That’s why it’s an internal problem that has to be addressed. According to Crowd Research Partners, there has to be some appropriate parameters in controlling, managing, and preventing possible internal attacks. But until now, not all are fully equipped with the right knowledge on how to avoid being a “fallen prey.” So, this year it serves as one of the highly recognizable cyber-related vulnerabilities.

Data Rights Compliance

The need to have more rigorous cyber security measures is rising. It must be done to tightly safeguard the businesses from possible cyber-attacks. It is important to understand that there are cyber policies mandated by the GDPR (European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation) that are not enforceable in other parts of the globe, in the same way there are policies and regulations, like the CCPA (California’s Consumer Privacy Act) that is conflicting when imposed in Europe or in other parts of the world. The idea here is that the policy-based practices from two or more different countries are not relatively uniform. So the concerned local businesses can’t be compliant with the other existing laws outside their country despite the fact that their operation is global.

In a nutshell, it is important to establish a strong digital infrastructure so that the said cyber security threats can be mitigated and controlled. If you need further details about cyber security, you have to contact NetShop today.

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