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What Is Web Hosting?...

What Is Web Hosting?

What Is Web Hosting?

NetShop ISP

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Jan 13, 2020 · Archive

Simply put, every business needs web hosting as it allows your official website to be published online and to be seen by the target audience. It is the physical virtual location of a website on the web. It acts as the online storage center where the content of your website is found. The content includes any information, like texts, images, and videos that are posted on the different pages of your website. The one that maintains the server is known as a web hosting service provider. It manages all the tools and technology that connect your content to the Internet.

The right measurement system of a website hosting capacity is done by determining the amount of disk space. Such space is apportioned on a particular server. Bandwidth is called the amount of data transfer and a website owner is allowed to access this through the server. The activities inside your website can be traced through a specific process. Your customers’ interaction like their downloaded files can be known through the server access given to you by the provider. And as the data stored increases, you might also need to increase your hosting transfer space. In other words, the more images, videos, and other related files you may store on your site, the more you may need an increased disk space in your website hosting. 

Different Types of Web Hosting

If you think that all web hosting is the same, your notion is wrong. There are actually three main types of website hosting.

Shared hosting

From the name itself, this hosting type has a single server that caters to different hosted sites. Some people would prefer this due to several considerable reasons. First thing is that, it can lower the cost of service provided because the resources are divided by many customers. The most common client that avails of this kind of hosting service is a start-up or a beginner in the field. The limited resources and experience are the triggering factor why a beginner might choose this one. But because of its shared factor, it has a certain disadvantage that is in line with the expected performance of the website.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated website hosting refers to the type of hosting by which the client is renting the entire server. No other users in a sense but only that person that pays for it. There are lots of benefits associated with this one. Of course, hosting high-traffic sites is easy with it. Unparalleled freedom is a generally positive impact. What is it? It means that if you use dedicated hosting, you’re free to post all you want on your website. Any types of content regardless of the size. You can post anything freely, anytime you want because you’re not sharing the resources with anybody.

Websites run by this form have incredible speed and uptime. And you have to understand that your website responsiveness rate is an important factor for your webpages to perform better. A slow website for a particular business can cost a lot of money. That’s why business websites are recommended to have this type of hosting.

Virtual private server hosting (VPS)

The difference of VPS from the shared hosting and dedicated hosting is that it simulates a number of individual servers that are intentionally partitioned, subdivided through the main server. Unlike the shared type, there is a specific allocation of resources that the website owners can utilize on their own. There can be no possibility of drained resources due to specific allocation. However, it is still not comparable with the performance of a website that is hosted through dedicated hosting. 

VPS allows you to have a “root access.” What does it mean? It simply means you have the power and authority in the so-called “server partition.” You also have the freedom but its extent is not that wide and deep as compared to the dedicated web hosting. You can add and delete website files anytime you want. You can also install important programs and uninstall insignificant ones.

Given the facts related to the importance of web hosting in business, you should find a particular web host for your business to grow dramatically. You can try NetShop ISP today, a service provider that operates in Cyprus, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

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